CON·X·US® Remote Connect is currently available as an option on the Lochinvar FTXL Fire Tube boiler, KNIGHT boiler, Armor water heater and the Shield water heater. This technology is standard on Crest Condensing boilers and Power-Fin boilers. CON·X·US technology lets you use any smart device to link up with SMART SYSTEM™ boiler controls from around the corner or halfway around the world!

Full-function interactive display

From anywhere, CON·X·US allows you to adjust setpoints, outdoor reset curves, pump controls and more. Control by touch, or type in field-specific information.

No limit to the number of boilers you can control

CON·X·US can be your mobile portal to a database of real-time and historical information on boiler plants in multiple locations for multiple customers. From a single boiler to an 8-unit cascade system*, you’ll be able to check operating status or re-program boiler functions, from anywhere.

*A CON·X·US Control Board is required for each boiler in a cascade.

Color-coded status alerts

Home screen alerts show when the system needs attention, describes the problem and provides solutions. When a failure occurs you can respond quickly, saving time and money.

Multi-party service notifications

The owner/site manager can assign levels of access for up to three additional service personnel to receive alerts via e-mail or text message if there’s a problem with the system.

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