The USB updater now supports units running both Version 2 and Version 4 of the CON·X·US Interface.

Download the update ZIP file below, and unzip it onto a USB thumb drive. The four update folders should be visible in the top-most directory of the thumb drive's file system.

Plug the thumb drive into a Lochinvar unit running the CON·X·US interface software, and from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner, choose the "System Update" option. Under "USB Flash Drive Update," press the "Check for Updates" button. The unit will notify you if an update is available. Press "Yes" to begin the update process. When updates are completed, your unit's control panel will automatically restart.

Download v2.87 / v4.29

Users with v2.44 and below

Due to a permissions change in the app, you will need to update to v2.86 first before you can install versions 2.87 and above.

Download v2.86

Release Notes

Version 2


  • Fix crash on Advanced Setup screen


  • Remove editing of Cascade Max Non-Condensing Setpoint from some Crest models that don't support it
  • Improve reliability of internet system updates


  • Fix visibility of Cascade Setpoint Max features on some models


  • Add missing error codes for certain newer Crest single-fan models
  • Clarify error messages on dual-fan units to specify which fan is causing issues
  • Ensure offset and differential are properly synced with the unit at startup on Powerfin water heaters
  • Fix app crash when boiler rate minimum has an unexpected configuration
  • Fix rare app crash during cloud update check


  • Add proof-of-closure support for certain newer Crest models
  • Remove setback times when the setback offset is set to zero
  • Fix issue where Powerfin water heater offset/diff may not have been set correctly from the cloud
  • Fix a few isolated instances of app crashing


  • Show control panel reboot count on About screen


  • Fix time zones on graph title and axis


  • Fix crash when leaving Service Maintenance screen
  • Turn the unit back on (if needed) even after a write error
  • Fix incorrect Active Setpoint and Demand determinations, particularly on water heaters
  • Swap positions of min/max buttons on Service maintenance screen
  • Fix Advanced Setup crash for certain values of Boiler Rate Min


  • Add support for Galaxie models
  • Powerfin WH - Remove Boiler Pump Status label
  • Ensure that personality changes are properly recognized
  • Enable storage of longer Maintainer Phone numbers longer than 10 digits
  • Use 15-minute increments for setback times
  • Use 10-second increments for certain time sliders
  • Fix ambiguity between lockouts and blocks in some cloud-reported error codes
  • Add automated crash reporting
  • Crest SF - Fix out-of-range HW tank min/max slider values
  • Crest Eagle - Add special unit size case
  • Provide an error code for unrecognized events
  • Hide cascade setpoint value when out of range
  • Show blanks on view table items when they are out of display range
  • Reword Revert button to Clear Changes for consistency with mobile app
  • Report certain properties to the cloud whenever they change, so that mobile app device list stays accurate
  • Add support for rtl8188eu WiFi dongles

Version 4


  • Add support for new Galaxie II models with 7” screen
  • Add support for new Hellcat model with 10” screen
  • Android OS firmware updates to improvide stability 
  • Update boot screens
  • Update cascade member demand pane to show actual power


  • Fix Power Hours reporting too low on some long-running units
  • Improve robustness of application to reduce occurrences of "Demo mode"
  • Hide setback times when the setback offset is zero
  • Fix incorrect delta temperature display on Modulation detail screen
  • Fix rare crash when attempting to show/hide Setup menu
  • Fix rare crash after writing parameters to the device
  • Fix old Cascade Address not displaying correctly when writing to the device


  • Fix minor layout issue
  • Add non-corrected O2 value


  • Add O2 sensor kit support


  • Patch memory leaks causing units to get stuck on spinning wheel screen
  • Add parameter writing support for 938 BIC


  • Fix issue preventing cloud connectivity on some units


  • Periodically remove log files from Android system
  • Add modulation factor pane
  • Add HW controlling sensor radio buttons for 95x boilers


  • Support for screen brightness adjustment through Android settings
  • Fix an issue with sending setback times to the cloud
  • Remove unused icons from the Android status bar


  • Show actual setpoint source on Demand Pane in BMS Power mode
  • Fix boiler details clipping on Eagle models


  • Highlight flame icons in the Cascade view
  • Fix BMS Setpoint range for certain Powerfin models
  • Fix a few rare app crashes


  • Fix an issue affecting ethernet connectivity on some units
  • Add explanatory text that the unit my briefly enter Standby mode while applying changes
  • Fix a few rare app crashes


  • Fix spurious "BMS Change" prompts when returning to the Home screen from Setup
  • Hide boiler switch on / switch off rates in Cascade Setup if the cascade is set to lead-lag mode
  • Fix a few uncommon app crashes
  • Optimize boiler information being sent to the cloud to reduce network usage
  • Automatically provision units for cloud connectivity when available


  • Fix an issue where Loch'n'Link parameters failed to load on some models. (Note that after this update you may need re-save a new parameter set to your thumb drive).
  • Fix a crash in the Advanced Setup screen


  • Fix TP-Link WN-725N WiFi dongles not working
  • Fix cloud configuration files not loading on some units
  • Make closing the About screen more intuitive
  • Long press Setup button to re-enter password


  • Fix crash on Setup screens
  • Fix BAS status incorrectly showing Disabled
  • Show cloud serial number in About screen even without a connection to the boiler


  • Fix System Pump Input Voltage showing incorrect value
  • Fix crash on Advanced Setup screen
  • Add sliders for Rate to Switch On/Off Next/Last Boilers to Cascade Leader setup screen
  • Faster 30-day graph data load
  • Add BAS Setup screen for MTR Modbus users
  • Make event history list scrollable
  • Add support for more WiFi dongles


  • Fix crash when applying changes on Galaxie models


  • Fix units sending spurious lockout and block notifications during normal cycling
  • Fix crash in Service Maintenance screen
  • Hide Gas Valve 1 on Service Maintenance screen for models that don't support it
  • Show kernel version in About screen
  • Migrate web updates to new server
  • Support units with different screen mounting orientations